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Swords, Sci-Fi and Strange Ramblings

"Are you mad?? Oh, right, you're a Classicist."

Mozo Zierski
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Right, so I should probably update this occasionally.

My real name is Katie (nickname Kathed, when I do stupid things - a very long story involving the dumbest identity thieves ever and a ceiling from Failsworth) and I'm 21. Having just finished a BA in Classics in Durham, I apparently decided that wasn't ancient and obscure enough, and so am now doing an MA in Mesopotamian myth. Of course, that only takes a bit of my day - the rest is spent procrastinating through such things as writing, Improvised Comedy and LARP, which basically involves running through fields with awesome friends and foam swords.

I mostly use this LJ for talking about fandoms I'm into and occasionally posting fics, recording random occurrences in my life, or flailing about whatever I'm writing at the time. There are a few emo bitchfests lurking in the archives, though I can't imagine why in the world anyone would want to go looking for them.

The webpage linked to is the Loinfire Club - a blog started by a friend of mine, like MST3K only with romance novels, students and copious amounts of alcohol.

Be warned, there is some caps lock abuse when I'm very excited.