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Oh yeah, blogging, THAT thing

Did I really last post here in August? Oops. I guess Tumblr proved more addictive than expected.

But I'm still going to try to keep this going as a record of stuff that, you know, isn't reblogs of funny Doctor Who gifs or enabling zed_pm's Tom Hiddleston obsession. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THOSE. Just, I have REAL THINGS going on in my life now.

I'm all settled in Bradford, and my new job at the National Media Museum. It was daunting as all hell to drop everything and move here - leaving all my friends in Durham, losing Alistair (not as in I MISPLACED him, he just didn't want to do a long distance relationship, so we broke up amicably and still e-mail each other) and moving to a city which, whenever I mentioned it, always seemed to be met by wincing and remarks along the lines of "BRADFORD??? No, don't do it, it's a shithole!" - basically, it was a gamble. A pretty big gamble for a part time job. But luckily, it's an AWESOME part time job, starting me out in the career I want to pursue, and it's probably going to be bumped up to full time next year. MORE HOURS MORE MONEY WOOP.

So, the job. I give talks, I run family activities and workshops, and generally help the learning department run smoothly. Overheard in the Learning Office is always fun, with things yelled across desks like "Sorry I can't help you, I'm busy drawing a dinosaur!" and "J just said on the radio 'The chicken is in Piccadilly Square', is that code that he's found my keys or not?" There are five other explainers, two more experienced ones and us four new people, and it's developed into a really nice friendly atmosphere. I've just learned my second talk, about John Logie Baird, and I ran my first stop-motion animation workshop for a group of kids last Sunday, so I feel like I've almost found my feet.

There's also the steampunk pantomime I've joined, called 'Mandrake's Marvellous Machine'. I should be finding out what I'm playing next Tuesday, though I've already been to two unofficial 'rehearsals' - basically, the director getting us to improvise certain scenes to inspire ideas for rewrites. I can't wait to get started with that properly, I think it's going to be ace.

So, yeah. It was a gamble to move here, but I'm sure I made the right call, at least so far. I don't even mind living on my own, it's quite nice to cook whatever I want and sing along loudly to songs I like without fear of judgment. I do miss having so many mates within walking distance and having improv twice a week and suchlike, but I still get to visit Durham. I was sad about me and Alistair, but I think I'm moving on pretty successfully (it helps that I guessed it was going to happen a long time ago). Also helpful in that regard are the cute Latvian guy at the pantomime with the nice smile, the friendly front of house guy at the museum with the adorkable glasses, and the rather rakish security guard who I chat with in the Victorian photography gallery. So yeah, definitely not pining.

And now I have to go to bed early to make sure I have plenty of energy for tomorrow - it's half term, and the museum is going to be FULL of families. Bring the noise...