Katie Liveblogs Sports she doesn't Understand: The Superbowl, Part 1

For those new to this, I used to do this thing where I liveblogged sports I had no idea of the rules of. This tradition has fallen by the wayside in recent times, but now my good friend Jackie reminds me of my duties, and WHAT THE HELL, I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING TOMORROW. Except, well, going to the gym bright and early for the first time (uuurrrrrgh). But then, the only other thing that was on was ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’, and while I appreciate an Eric Bana as much as the next lady (Next Lady: A DAMN LOT), I’m up for switching over before it gets too depressing.

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2011 round-up post

So normally I do that meme where you post the first line from the first entry of each month around this time of year, but I've barely posted this year, so I don't have enough entries to do it. My bad. So, just a general look back -

This was the year of CHANGE ALL THE THINGS. I figured out what I wanted to do with my life and started trying to make it happen. I (eventually) got a job I really wanted, and moved away from Durham and all my friends to start life in a brand new city, the ever glamorous Bradford. I had to leave my boyfriend to do so, but it was almost certainly for the best. Got depressed briefly, but it helped me realise what my problems are (insecurity, anxiety) and start to try to deal with them. Hell, I even cut my hair short again.

So here I am! In Bradford, working at the National Media Museum. It's such a fantastic job, and I'm growing in confidence with my talks and school sessions every day. Life isn't all perfect - I can get a little lonely sometimes, the job can be exhausting, it's harder to go visit friends because I work Sundays, there is a SEVERE scarcity of dateable guys - but hey, that's life, you take the good with the bad. And there's a hell of a lot of good.

So what for 2012? I'm going to be working here, obviously. I might be taken on full time after March, which would be nice money-wise. Till then, I'm going to try to get more different volunteering experiences in other local institutions. I've also joined an improvised comedy group in Leeds which'll hopefully start regular performances by Easter. So I'll be keeping busy! And at the end of the year, I'll be going out to America for a wedding and - just as important - to see 'The Hobbit' with reasonablycrazy dressed as sexy dwards - then, after that, who knows?

It's been a rough year at times, such that I'm glad it happened but also glad to see it go. And I'm going to do my best to make 2012 a good one.

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So today, I had my first grumpy customer to deal with. Another Explainer (who I'm going to nickname Pinga on here because she likes penguins) and I were doing Object Handling, where people get to look at old TVs and stuff. I was just finishing up talking to a nice family when Pinga started telling a pretty old man about the TVs, and Super Hi-Vision.

He was rude. There, I said it. He basically called us offensive for just DARING to assume he might want to know more about these TVs, saying that we'd just assumed he was ignorant when HE HAD LIVED THIS STUFF, that he was in a completely different world to us that we couldn't understand, that we were lost and couldn't know about things like he knew.

Basically, he was assuming we were dumb and clueless. I tried to say that we hadn't assumed that, we weren't meaning to cause offence, but he went on and on about how we should have been trying to teach the kids, so they weren't as 'lost' as us. He started declaiming what an education he had, that he used to be a lecturer in Paris, and basically said we were mindless ignorant fools who had no idea what we were doing in life.

Pinga had had enough and walked away, but I had had enough in a different way. God knows I'm blonde and I'm special sometimes, but goddammit, I was NOT going to let someone call me ignorant.

So I stood up to him. I told him, actually, sir, I have a Masters degree, in Classics, from Durham, and I know three ancient languages. INCLUDING AKKADIAN, BITCH.

My god, this changed his tune completely. Suddenly he clearly saw me as a kindred spirit, and started telling me about his days in Paris, and was treating me almost like a co-conspirator in his 'all kids today are STUPID' rants. I just kept smiling, nodding, and trying to will him with my eyes "GO. THE FUCK. AWAY."

Like, I could understand his bitterness. He probably did get some patronising sometimes, being foreign and old. But he was just as bad as what he was accusing us of being. He was assuming we were dumb, and wasn't even trying to hear us try to explain, and he basically equating intelligence with education, rather than common sense or street smarts. I wanted to explain this to him, but he was stuck complaining in French about ignorant youth.

My Akkadian learnings have finally proven useful.

Oh yeah, blogging, THAT thing

Did I really last post here in August? Oops. I guess Tumblr proved more addictive than expected.

But I'm still going to try to keep this going as a record of stuff that, you know, isn't reblogs of funny Doctor Who gifs or enabling zed_pm's Tom Hiddleston obsession. NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THOSE. Just, I have REAL THINGS going on in my life now.

I'm all settled in Bradford, and my new job at the National Media Museum. It was daunting as all hell to drop everything and move here - leaving all my friends in Durham, losing Alistair (not as in I MISPLACED him, he just didn't want to do a long distance relationship, so we broke up amicably and still e-mail each other) and moving to a city which, whenever I mentioned it, always seemed to be met by wincing and remarks along the lines of "BRADFORD??? No, don't do it, it's a shithole!" - basically, it was a gamble. A pretty big gamble for a part time job. But luckily, it's an AWESOME part time job, starting me out in the career I want to pursue, and it's probably going to be bumped up to full time next year. MORE HOURS MORE MONEY WOOP.

So, the job. I give talks, I run family activities and workshops, and generally help the learning department run smoothly. Overheard in the Learning Office is always fun, with things yelled across desks like "Sorry I can't help you, I'm busy drawing a dinosaur!" and "J just said on the radio 'The chicken is in Piccadilly Square', is that code that he's found my keys or not?" There are five other explainers, two more experienced ones and us four new people, and it's developed into a really nice friendly atmosphere. I've just learned my second talk, about John Logie Baird, and I ran my first stop-motion animation workshop for a group of kids last Sunday, so I feel like I've almost found my feet.

There's also the steampunk pantomime I've joined, called 'Mandrake's Marvellous Machine'. I should be finding out what I'm playing next Tuesday, though I've already been to two unofficial 'rehearsals' - basically, the director getting us to improvise certain scenes to inspire ideas for rewrites. I can't wait to get started with that properly, I think it's going to be ace.

So, yeah. It was a gamble to move here, but I'm sure I made the right call, at least so far. I don't even mind living on my own, it's quite nice to cook whatever I want and sing along loudly to songs I like without fear of judgment. I do miss having so many mates within walking distance and having improv twice a week and suchlike, but I still get to visit Durham. I was sad about me and Alistair, but I think I'm moving on pretty successfully (it helps that I guessed it was going to happen a long time ago). Also helpful in that regard are the cute Latvian guy at the pantomime with the nice smile, the friendly front of house guy at the museum with the adorkable glasses, and the rather rakish security guard who I chat with in the Victorian photography gallery. So yeah, definitely not pining.

And now I have to go to bed early to make sure I have plenty of energy for tomorrow - it's half term, and the museum is going to be FULL of families. Bring the noise...

Looking back

About a year ago, when I embarked upon my Gap Year aka Gap Yah aka Year of Awesome aka Year of Holy God What Am I Doing With My Life, I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish. LET'S SEE HOW I DID.

1. Teach myself to draw - I did more drawing at the start of the year, but haven't really done any more lately. And I'm still not great at it. Oh well!

2. Teach myself to cook more things - Not only have I got really good at the recipes I knew before, I've learned several new ones and also gained the ability to just make recipes up, chucking various foods in a pan and knowing with the right combo of herbs it'll all come together. DONE!

3. Go white-water rafting - I am so happy I got to do this in New Zealand. DONE!

4. Read lots - Oh man, I discovered so many new amazing novels this year. Devil's Consort, Carter Beats the Devil, Pillars of the Earth, Mistress of the Art of Death and The Magicians in particular have been amazing. DONE AND DONE.

5. Finish writing either two first-draft novels, or one and actually edit it - No, but I have started ONE, and I totally wrote an entire 3YGB, which is basically a PhD length. So for this, I'm going to be generous and give myself half marks for effort.

6. Finish one of my big-ass cross-stitches (not actually depicting big asses) - Nope. I did start knitting, though, so I don't feel too bad.

7. Learn to drive - Ha! No. But then, I don't see when I'm going to need a car in the near future, and petrol is so expensive right now, I'm probably better off being public-transport-bound.

8. Get part-time jobs and internships in various places - I did LOADS of volunteering, and actually have a real proper job now, so I'm checking this off as DONE.

9. Visit Jackie in Americaland - Alas, no :(

10. Go somewhere abroad on my own for an adventure - I went to NZ, but that was with my parents, so I don't count it as an adventure. I did go to Paris with some friends for a week, but I wouldn't say that counted as an adventure. Hmmm... half marks, again.

11. Join a gym, keep going to the gym - HELL YEAH. Though... I haven't really been much recently. But I have been utterly up in the air as to what I'm doing with my life. I think I'm excused. DONE.

12. Get good at painting my nails - DONE!

13. Go through all the stuff in my room and get rid of a lot of it - For the most part, DONE. I even cleared out a two massive box loads of books for a charity shop. It was a heartrending moment.

Hmmm, 8/13. That's not too bad! That's about a 2:1. So I did about as well in my Year of Awesome as at university. That's nicely symmetrical.

Ah, but extra credit? What did I do this year that I WASN'T expecting to do?

- Bungee jumping, paragliding, sea kayaking in the face of a tsunami warning
- Learned how to operate film cameras and edit footage for TWAM
- Learned how to knit
- Discovered what I wanted to do with my life AND got a good first job in it
- Managed to maintain a fantastic relationship with boyfriend and didn't fuck it up, WOO
- Navigated a group of girls through Paris, somehow becoming the Communicator even though I haven't done French since I was 14
- Learned how to deal with occasional anxiety attacks
- Came to know who my friends really are, and learned to appreciate them all the more
- Learned how to sail a boat

So, yeah. I think I did all right!

Tumblr account

So, I got a tumblr account!

Basically, I'm trying to get back into the writing game, only it's proving difficult. I'm hoping that by blogging my process and pretending that someone gives a shit will make my job easier.

But why on tumblr, I hear you cry? Don't you have a perfectly functional blog here? Yeah, but I don't want to bore people with my stuff if they don't want to read it. People came here for Heroes crack goddammit, and probably haven't defriended me yet if only because I post so infrequently. If people are going to be inundated with blog posts on my feelings about characterisation, they should at least know what they're getting into.

SO. Are you on tumblr? If so, PLEASE FRIEND ME, I'm all alone over there! At least so that I can have other stuff to read while I'm procrastinating, but if you could bring yourself to support me, that would be amazing. And I can keep this LJ account just for infrequent updates on my life, which hey, might be getting interesting again now that I have job.